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As you’d expect, every aspect of our new homes and developments is carefully designed and thought out well before anybody starts building. Working with architects, suppliers and craftsmen, our design and technical department produces the plans and drawings, not only for how our new homes will look, but also the roads, open spaces, vital services and connections that go towards creating a place to live.

It’s a vital role – inside and out.. Safety, energy efficiency, connectivity – this department is involved at every level, using a host of skills.


This department looks after Architecture and Engineering.

Architecture is about designing beautiful homes and creating working drawings for contractors to follow.

Engineering covers everything else such as drainage, roads and surveying. 


The kind of jobs we have in Design & Technical:

  • Engineering Manager
  • Senior Architect
  • Senior Engineer
  • Architectural Technician
  • Layout Designer
  • Trainee Architectural Technician
  • Trainee Engineer

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In my role I have the opportunity to influence the creation of the site layouts from an engineering point of view during the pre-planning stages. This helps reduce the impact of engineering comments further down the line once planning is granted and ensures a smoother process during the technical approval stages.

It makes me proud seeing the final product when we get onto site, knowing I have designed an element of that and to know the work involved. 

Warren Williams, Senior Engineer

The help and support I have received from management and my team in terms of my career progression is what I've loved most about working here. There has been a genuine interest in my career goals and I have received the support I need to progress. 

I have attended training which has helped me support the team, impart my knowledge and has given me the skills to help me with my own work.

Kelly Williams, Technical Assistant & Land Secretary