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How to check the energy efficiency of a home

When any home is sold, whether it's an older property or a brand new build, and EPC needs to be provided by law. The home will be rated for its energy efficiency, from A (the best) to G.

The EPC will reveal what your home's potential energy rating could be if improvements were to be made, so you can weigh up the costs associated.

Save up to £164,300 renovating an older home

With the average cost of updating an old home being between £82,900 and £164,300**, find out why it's beneficial to buy a new Bloor home.

It's also a time and hassle saver as you won't need to make any renovations or improvements - giving you more quality time with your family and friends. So why is now a good time to buy?

Better for the environment

Your energy relies on electricity and electricity relies on plants. Plants have a carbon footprint. Having an energy efficient home means you'll reduce your carbon footprint.

At Bloor Homes we want people to live in a better world. Our focus is on sustainability.