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PART EXCHANGE PLUS: Part Exchange - but even better.

Part Exchange with the added benefit of marketing your old home at 100% of the valuation


Part Exchange, but even better - Once you have found your new Bloor home, you can go ahead and reserve without having to have a buyer already in place for your existing property.

Peace of mind - We will hold your new Bloor home for 4 weeks whilst you sell your home on the open market for 100% of the market value.

The safety of Part Exchange - If after 4 weeks your home has not sold, you can accept our Part Exchange offer so there is no risk of losing your dream home.

Honest and Fair - Whilst our Part Exchange offer may not be 100% of the market value, we always aim to make you the fairest and highest offer we can.

Free, Independent Advice - We will happily put you in touch with an Independent Financial Advisor to help you with your move.

With Part Exchange, we will do all the hard work so you don’t have to. After confirming eligibility and getting your home valued, we could be your cash buyer, with no chains or fees to deal with. With the added benefit of Part Exchange Plus, if your home sells for a higher price than we bought it from you for, we will give you the difference upon completion of your new Bloor home!



1. Select a new Bloor home at one of our participating developments.

2. We will select 2 local Estate Agents to value your existing property. Please let us know if you have already entered into an agreement with an Estate Agent.

3. We make you a ‘Part Exchange’ offer for your existing property, usually within 48 hours.

4. You then have 4 weeks to sell your property for 100% market value, with the help of selected Estate Agents.

5. If after the 4 week period your home has not sold, you are then able to accept our Part Exchange offer and continue with the purchase of your new Bloor home.

6. We can help you choose a Solicitor and Independent Financial Advisor to ensure the purchase of your new home runs smoothly.

7. Sit back and relax whilst we get your new Bloor home ready, giving you regular updates along 
the way.

8. Move into your new Bloor home, on-time with no stress.