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Most people don't want a home like everyone else.

They want a home with a little bit of that special something. Something that’s tailored to the needs of modern life. Where they can enjoy high specifications, imaginative layouts and great craftsmanship. Most people want a home from someone not like most house builders.

That's a Bloor home.

A little about us

The Bloor Group began building houses over 45 years ago and today is one of the largest privately owned house-building groups in the UK, building in excess of two thousand homes each year. We are known for our unique approach to building, only placing new homes for sale in carefully selected areas. To us, it is never about just the bricks and mortar. It's everything.

You could save energy and money

New windows, new kitchen, new carpets, bathroom and not to mention re-decorating. It all adds up. The average cost of updating a home is £30,000. So it goes without saying that choosing a new build for your home is a cost saver. And that’s not even mentioning that new build homes are lower on running costs. With a Bloor home, we use the best building materials and installations to cut down your energy bills, a remarkable 40% less energy which can save on average up to £556 a year on energy bills.

You can Choose

When you buy a Bloor home we want it to be your home, that’s why we offer industry leading additional fixtures and fittings as standard with the opportunity to upgrade numerous items - from kitchen appliances and floor finishes to bathroom fittings, fitted wardrobes and more. Our Sales Advisors are on hand to help you create your own style in your new home and we arrange for all your additional items to be fitted before your moving in day, so you can sit back and relax.

You can be part of the community

We choose our locations as carefully as we do our materials. Everything is built with you in mind. So you will immediately feel that you’re part of something bigger. With a new build home you'll get the opportunity to make new friends and be part of an emerging community. With everyone in the neighbourhood starting from scratch, getting to know your neighbours is easier as you’re all in it together from the start.