The Bloor Difference

Because a home needs the personal touch

There are many things that make a Bloor Home different – our carefully chosen locations, our traditional building methods and materials, the list goes on – but the thing that our customers appreciate most is our attention to detail. Taking care of even the littlest things, with a thoughtful, personal touch – that’s what makes the difference: the Bloor Difference.

See it. Feel it. Experience it.

To have set our heart on something only for it to be taken away because of something out of our control would have been devastating. Using Bloor's Home Exchange made the move really hassle-free and it’s something we would definitely do again.

Jessica Jarvis, Hinckley Park - Hinckley

The Bloor Home Exchange scheme was great. It was hassle free and the staff have been absolutely fantastic.

The week after we moved in the site manager and assistant site manager both called in to make sure we were happy with everything.

Michelle Ravenscroft, Parc Jasmin - Broughton

We had a new-build house before, but the finishes were nowhere near as immaculate as they are in this house.

Jon Pollock, Fairfield Manor - Castle Donington

We have been very impressed by the finish of our home and the attention to detail shown. The snagging process has been nothing short of meticulous and our experience with the staff onsite and in the sales office has been absolutely excellent.

Mike Cartledge, Witley Gate - Great Witley

Here to help every step of the way

Most of us don't regularly buy a new home, so it's no wonder it can seem a little confusing at times. But it's not as scary as you might think. We'll hold your hand through the entire buying process.

And what's more, we’ll keep on looking after you and your home long after you’ve moved in.

New homes registered for construction hits highest level in years

The number of new homes registered for construction in Britain has risen to its highest level since the financial crisis, according to the latest statistics by the National House Building Council (NHBC).

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