Energy efficiency

Bloor Homes present one of the best opportunities to reduce the energy consumption
associated with modern lifestyles, building to a much higher specification than many older homes.

Families living in new build homes, built to current standards, could save more than £1,400 a year* on energy bills in comparison to families living in older homes.

We build our homes to maximise energy efficiency by installing the latest central heating system and appliances, excellent loft and wall insulation and energy-saving double-glazed windows and doors. 

How we make your new home more energy efficient

See the ways your Bloor home can help you save on both energy emissions and the cost of your energy bills.

1. Heating

- Individual thermostatic room control

- Water efficient plumbing

- Thermal insulated separating walls

- Class A condensing boiler

- Designed heating system and controls

2. Insulation

- Loft insulation

- Thermally insulated cavity walls

- Energy efficient thermal double-glazed windows

- Noise reducing internal walls and floors

- Solid concrete insulated floor to prevent heat escape

3. Appliances & Fittings

- Sustainable timber

- Energy efficient light bulbs

- Energy efficient roof lights

- Energy efficient appliances

4. Ventilation & Circulation

- Ventilated dry ridge system

- Continuous ventilation for improved air circulation

- Reduced heat loss

- Insulated and draught proof external doors

- Minimised air leakage