New Houses For Sale In Bedfordshire

New homes in Bedfordshire far surpass London in terms of affordability while still being within easy reach of the capital. It’s a popular commuter county, but the benefits of Bedfordshire living don’t end here. Children have access to excellent schools and there’s no shortage of local employment opportunities. Then, there are the surroundings to consider: beautiful countryside, historical sites, and lots of fun activities are on your doorstep. Our homes for sale in Bedfordshire are designed for modern family living. Reserve a viewing and discover your ideal choice.

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Getting to know Bedfordshire

If you have children, their schooling will be uppermost in your mind when you choose a new home for sale in Bedfordshire. The county is home to many outstanding public schools, its share of award-winning private schools, and its university will round off your kids’ educational careers to perfection. As for all the little things that make up your daily round, you’ll be well-positioned in a Bloor home. We choose sites with easy access to shops, medical facilities and more.

With all the practicalities provided for, you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy your free time, and you’ll have plenty of activities to choose from. Take in the natural beauty of the Forest of Marston Vale. Stretch your legs at Dunstable Downs and enjoy magnificent vistas over the surrounding countryside. Or make memories that last a lifetime when you take your children to enjoy all the excitements of Whipsnade Zoo or Woburn Safari Park.

Ready to immerse yourself in history? Gain an intriguing glimpse into Victorian living at Wardown House Museum and Gallery or enjoy the fruits of three centuries of landscape gardening at Wrest Park. If you’re in a contemplative mood, you’ll enjoy absorbing the atmosphere at Elstow Abbey while those with a love of vintage cars and planes will be eager to view the Shuttleworth Collection.

Head out for a drive around Bedfordshire and see where your fancy takes you. The towns and villages you’ll pass through all offer unique shopping opportunities, friendly pubs and restaurants, and a selection of local arts and crafts. In short, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Hoping to venture further afield? Northamptonshire has much to offer and you can enjoy even more historic sites and areas of natural beauty when you extend your range to Cambridgeshire.

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The Bedfordshire Property Market

With a growing number of people escaping the high costs of London by moving to surrounding counties, new houses for sale in Bedfordshire attract eager buyers. It’s a trend that seems likely to gain momentum in future years, making property in Bedfordshire a sought-after asset.

That’s good news for current home buyers who hope to deploy their assets in such a way that they gain both a home and a steadily-growing investment. Short-term fluctuations in property values should be considered in terms of the bigger picture which is one of reliable growth. Although the future is unknowable, home buyers who invest in a new home in Bedfordshire can be relatively confident of long-term value-growth.

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Why buy a Bedfordshire home with Bloor Homes?

There are definite advantages to buying a new home. If it’s a Bloor home, there are even more benefits in store. Here are some of the points to consider before doing business with Bloor.

We’re a long-established company, and that tells its own tale! With over 50 years as property developers, we know that the long-term matters. Adding to your confidence, your 10-year National Building Council warranty means you can be sure of long-lasting comfort and peace of mind.

If we were to identify the top advantage of choosing a new home in Bedfordshire with Bloor, it would be our quality standards. From structural elements to fittings and fixtures, we accept nothing less than excellent quality materials and workmanship.

Modern lifestyles call for light, fresh interiors, spacious living and entertainment areas and designer kitchens and bathrooms. Our designers and architects use their expertise to create spaces that are designed around the people who will live in them.

Uniformity would be great if everyone were the same - but you’re unique. That’s why we offer customisations that allow you to make your mark. Walk into a newly built home that reflects your personal taste.

Energy efficiency not only saves you money, it keeps you comfy regardless of the season. Stay cosy in winter and cool in summer with an energy-saving, modern home from Bloor.

You don’t just want a nice home. You want a welcoming neighbourhood with lots of green spaces to enjoy. From your garden or terrace to the landscaped public spaces around you, your Bloor neighbourhood enfolds you in greenery.

Finding your new home is an adventure, and every good adventurer requires a well-informed and helpful guide. Hear it from our customers: our friendly team prides itself on service and builds strong customer relationships.

Discover the Bloor advantage for yourself. Explore the home you’ll make all your own with us. Make your appointment to view Bloor’s new houses in Bedfordshire today!

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