Creating their own piece of history at Tewkesbury Meadow

Local school children in Tewkesbury buried a special time capsule on our Tewkesbury Meadow development

We were pleased to invite the pupils from John Moore Primary School to Tewkesbury Meadow for a special time capsule burial event, encouraging them to get to know their local area and use their creativity when selecting meaningful objects to bury within the time capsule.

Overseen by the school’s Deputy Headteacher, pupils from Year R to Year 6 came together to work on the project, giving them the opportunity to add their own layer of history to this popular location.

Wendy Slade, Regional Sales Manager at Bloor Homes Western, said: “Time capsules are a great way for school children to leave a lasting legacy from their time as students and provide future generations with the exciting prospect of unveiling the items left behind.

“We wanted the pupils to choose objects which encapsulate the character of them and their local area, and we’ve been really impressed by the choices they made.

“They came up with some really good ideas which will surely be both interesting and informative to future generations.”

Pupils at John Moore Primary School were challenged to find items that represented themselves, their local area and the world they are growing up in, allowing future generations to witness and re-live them once the capsule is unearthed. 

Included within the capsule were poems written by the children, fact files, pictures and models to show what life is like in 2018. There were also maps of the local areas, pictures of families, theatre programmes and even a Sylvanian Family rabbit.

Tim Blakey, Deputy Headteacher at John Moore Primary School, said: “The children of John Moore Primary School have been excitedly producing a vast range of objects to bury in the Time Capsule that show what their life in 2018 is like. 

“The thought of someone digging it up at some distant point in the future has also stimulated lots of interesting discussions – who will they be, what will they make of the contents and how will life be different for them?

“The children have certainly shown their creativity with what they’ve wanted to include – poems, newspaper articles, fact files, photographs of hobbies, small models of local buildings and plenty more.”

John Moore Primary School is a short walk from our Tewkesbury Meadow development, where the time capsule was buried.