It's time for you to get on your bikes!

All of our residents at Hereford Point are able to secure a free 3 month bus pass with Yeomans Travel and a £100 voucher for Climb On Bikes as part of our Travel Plan, in collaboration with Cotswold Transport Planning.

The residents of our superb development in Hereford had the opportunity to take part in a ‘sustainable travel’ event on Monday 16th July. 

We've joined forces with Yeomans Travel and Climb On Bikes to provide free bus travel for three months and a handy discount off a new bike or cycling equipment for new residents at the development in Hereford. 

The local companies were on hand to offer advice to the residents and answer their questions. Residents of Hereford Point were particularly interested in learning about the new bus routes, including the addition of three journeys daily from Hereford city centre to the development, and also finding out more about the bike options that were available. 

Sally Holt, Regional Sales Manager at Bloor Homes Western, said: “We were really pleased to host the event at the Hereford Point development. Our buyers are recognising the importance of sustainable travel and as a community are very interested in how they can take part. 

“We are delighted to have teamed up with two independent local businesses to provide a three-month bus pass and a voucher of £100 towards a new bicycle or equipment to our new residents.”

Allan Field, Schedules Manager at Yeomans Travel, said: “We were pleased to be approached by Bloor Homes to be a participant in this ground-breaking scheme. We hope that many new residents will take up the offer of a bus pass in order to use our extensive network of bus services and reduce congestion. We will be adding new journeys to Hereford Point in September that will also increase the level of service to Bobblestock."

Brendan Quinn, Regional Director at Cotswold Transport Planning, said: “The Hereford Point Travel Plan is an excellent example of how developers, public transport operators, local businesses and local authorities can work in partnership to promote sustainable transport options for new residents. Bloor Homes have taken a positive and proactive approach to travel planning and it is fantastic to see the Travel Plan being viewed as a marketable benefit for the development.

The Residents Travel Information Guide provided to each household, include bus and cycle vouchers, offering real opportunities to influence travel behaviour from the very outset of occupation. Cotswold Transport Planning are proud to act as the Travel Plan Coordinator for the site and be the focal point for implementing and promoting sustainable transport measures and initiatives on behalf of Bloor Homes.”

The bus pass and voucher are both included in the Welcome Pack being given to residents at Hereford Point - for full details, please speak to our Sales Team on hand daily between 10am-5pm.