Amanda and Michael find their 'forever home' at King's Gate

For Amanda and Michael buying a brand new home at Bloor Homes’ King’s Gate development, Amesbury meant they could move into their house and just enjoy it, and their life, straight away.

When Amanda and Michael were looking to buy their ‘forever home’, they initially thought they would prefer to purchase an older property.

But then they fell in love with a newbuild home, the four bedroom Bredon at Bloor Homes’ King’s Gate development off Muggleton Road in Amesbury, a collection of two, three and four-bedroom homes.

Amanda and Michael were not just looking for a house but a home to spend quality time enjoying life together with their family and friends. They can’t believe they have now settled in and can enjoy the comfort of their new home.

Amanda said: “We didn’t intend to buy a newbuild, we had looked at older properties with the prospect of buying one and doing some work on it. We soon realised though, that as we’re buying a little later on in our lives, we’re not at the stage where we want to do a lot of renovation work.

“So that’s the point where we started looking at newbuilds.”

Talking about their new Bloor home, Michael said: “We really fell in love with the fact that everything was new. You could also put your own stamp on the house, with all the options that were available, to really personalise it. We both enjoyed doing that, and creating a house that met all our requirements.”

Amanda added: “For me, buying new meant that we could move into our house and just enjoy it, and our life, straight away.”

The couple moved into their new home at King’s Gate in June 2021 and have enjoyed settling into their new surroundings.

Michael said: “One of the things we really love about King’s Gate is the whole development has got a nice feel to it. When you walk around, it’s spacious, the roads are nice and wide, and the houses are placed in such a way that they don’t feel overcrowded.”

The couple discovered King’s Gate after spending over 12 months looking around Wiltshire and Hampshire searching for the perfect new home.

Michael said: “We looked around quite a few developments in the area. One of the things that impressed us about Bloor was that we felt their sales team was very focused on customer satisfaction.

“They were very knowledgeable about the houses. All the time, we felt they were trying to help us find the home that was absolutely right for us.

“For us, that caring professionalism and the quality of the build really stood out from all of the others.

“We can’t talk highly enough about them. We tell everyone looking for a new home to go and see Bloor.”

Amanda and Michael’s experience is reflected in Bloor’s recent HBF five-star award win – for the fourth year in a row. That means over 90 per cent of buyers would recommend them to a friend.

To find your own new Bloor home, visit www.bloorhomes.com