Students gain insight into careers in construction

Students from The Mountbatten School in Romsey learned about careers in construction on a visit to a nearby new homes development.

A group of year 9 and 10 students were given a tour of Bloor Homes’ Fen Meadow site in Nursling, where they gained an insight into the various job opportunities offered by the housebuilding industry.
The students enjoyed a look inside the showhome and were given a talk about the sales process by sales advisor Jurgita Jeruseviciene before heading out on site with site manager Gavin Plumstead, who showed them houses at various stages of construction.

The tour ended with a talk by young trainee site manager Samantha Lees, who shared her experiences of working in the industry.
Site manager Gavin Plumstead said: “It was a pleasure to welcome staff and students from The Mountbatten School to Fen Meadow and to show them around the development. We hope the visit gave the students a useful insight into what it is like to work in the housebuilding industry and to the different careers available to them.

“As a young female trainee site manager, Samantha is something of a role model to young girls thinking about entering the industry, and we hope some of the students will have been inspired by her talk to consider a career in construction.”

Simon Hall, Head of Careers at The Mountbatten School, said: “Every year we have a number of students who are interested in a career, either through the professional opportunities or the trades route, and being able to take some of these into the real environment enables them to gain more of an insight into what is available. We hope that activities like this will both inspire and confirm their ideas and plans.”