Improved pedestrian pathways welcomed by Mayor

Cllr Colin Bishopp, Mayor of Winslow and Chairman of the Council, together with Cllr Trish Cawte, Chair of Winslow Town Council’s Development Committee, Cllr Richard Hamley and Charles Loch, Town Clerk, were welcomed by Bloor Homes to visit the developer’s Winslow Grange development and see the extensive improvements made to the pedestrian pathways in the local area.

Following discussions between representatives of the Town Council and Bloor Homes towards the end of last year over the poor condition of the existing public footpath from the junction of Avenue Road, Bloor Homes instructed contractors to resurface the footpath with stone, provide timber edgings and cut-back over-hanging vegetation to provide a safe route for pedestrians.

The works took almost five weeks to complete at a cost of  c. £55,000. The result is improved pedestrian access for residents at Winslow Grange and the wider local area.

Mayor Bishopp said: “I am delighted to see developer contributions being used to bring a much needed but badly deteriorated public footpath back into year-round use.  The path makes a significant contribution to the town’s walking and cycling facilities and its reopening is of great benefit to the whole Winslow community, and not only the residents of the nearby estate. It has been a pleasure to work with Bloor Homes on the project.”

Darren Pratt, Design and Technical Director at Bloor Homes’ South Midlands region, said: “We are always pleased to work with the local communities and authorities to deliver improvements. The improved pathway will also encourage people to walk and cycle into the Town from our new development at Winslow Grange. Thank you to Mayor Bishopp and all the representatives from the Council who took time out to come and see the finished results.”

Bloor Homes is currently building two, three, four and five bedroom homes at Winslow Park not far from Winslow Grange. To find out more, visit www.bloorhomes.com