First Net Zero School in Leicestershire marks opening with time capsule

Hollycroft Primary School has made history as the first Net Zero school to open in Leicestershire. To mark its opening, new homes developer Bloor Homes partnered with construction firm Willmot Dixon to provide a time capsule, which will be sealed until 2048.

Mike Kelly, Managing Director at Bloor Homes’ East Midlands region, said: “As the first net zero school in the county, Hollycroft Primary School is way ahead of its time and will be providing a modern and vibrant learning environment for current and future students for generations to come. That’s why we thought a time capsule filled with things the very first students wanted to share with future students was a wonderful idea.

“We are building a whole new community at Hollycroft Grange with new homes, the new school, community facilities and shops, and this felt like a really good way of sharing the history of how it all came about with future generations.”

The students were tasked with creating and selecting items to add to the time capsule, with the final contents including letters from the current pupils, confectionary and a bottle of Prime, shopping and fuel receipts to show the cost of things, and a letter from the school’s first headteacher Natalie Hackett to the future head. 

Willmot Dixon contributed a set of the architect’s plans of the school and Bloor Homes added a copy of the planning application for the whole of the development to show how the new community was planned and brought to life.

Peter Merry, Chief Executive Officer of OWLS (Oadby, Wigston and Leicestershire Schools) Academy Trust, said: “Our thanks goes to Bloor Homes for arranging this great memento as well as providing a plaque for the school, our current and future students, and to Wilmott Dixon who provided the time capsule. We are very proud to be running the first net zero school in the county.”

There will eventually be 210 students at the brand-new school, which has been made carbon neutral through the use of heat source air pumps and PV solar panels. This is not only better for the environment but negates energy running costs for the school and local authority too.

The school has been built in line with Leicestershire County Council’s green policy and to its specifications, including seven classrooms and a specialist teaching room for practical subjects such as cookery, plus a school hall, library, garden and wildlife area.

The time capsule will remain sealed for the next 25 years when students attending the school in 2048 will be invited to open it and see what’s inside.

To find out more about the new community at Hollycroft Grange including the new school, visit bloorhomes.com