Dawlish development to bring significant investment to town

The newly approved Bloor Homes and Taylor Wimpey development at Gatehouse Farm will provide significant financial contributions to benefit the local area.

The land at Gatehouse Farm was allocated by Teignbridge District Council within its Local Plan as a ‘high-quality landmark development’ for 860 new homes, which subsequently received outline planning permission for around 409 new homes in July 2020. 

Working together, Bloor Homes and Taylor Wimpey used a shared design team in a ‘holistic approach’ to a masterplan for their part of the development and have now received full planning permission for 354 new homes for private sale, as well as 67 new affordable homes - including accessible homes - for people living in the local area. 

As part of the planning process, the developers will be providing combined contributions of over £1.2 million, to support local infrastructure and enhance the development. In addition, they will provide over £4 million towards the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to improve and provide new infrastructure including roads, education, recreation and public transport facilities. 

The direct contributions include £411,702 towards the southern section of the new link road and bridge. Both Bloor Homes and Taylor Wimpey are also separately funding the section of the link road which runs through their developments. The road is already under construction and it is due to open in mid-2024. 

Further contributions include £257,358 for the Red Rock Community Facilities contribution; £386,586 for Ecology Habitat Mitigation; £141,600 for local health facilities; and £20,886 for local library services.
Funds have also been allocated for dedicated public recreational green open space and a play area; public art within the new development; habitat and biodiversity provision - including the planting of hundreds of trees and a grassland and a biodiversity enhancement area; new hedgerows; 10-metre-wide dark ecology corridors; bat, bird and bee boxes and hedgehog holes in fences; and c. 2 km of footpaths.

All the new homes meet the very latest building regulations. They are designed to provide as 31% CO2 emissions reduction and all the new homes include PV solar panels and electric car charging points.
Bradley Davison, Managing Director for Bloor Homes’ Exeter region, said: “Having received planning approval we are now looking forward to implementing our joint project with Taylor Wimpey and bringing the new infrastructure and benefits to the local area. 

“In addition to the community contributions, the economic impact assessment estimates around 960 direct, indirect, and induced jobs will be created, including 12 new apprenticeships, and the new homes will provide Teignbridge Council with around £400,000 per annum in Council Tax revenue.

“Importantly, this phase will bring 67 brand new affordable homes to local people, all built the latest energy-efficiency regulations too.”
As well as the solar panels and Electric Vehicle chargers those homes without a garage will also include a bike store to encourage people to use the new cycle ways as part of the road improvements, both for recreation and commuting.
Caption: Working together Bloor Homes and Taylor Wimpey used a shared design team in a ‘holistic approach’ to a masterplan and have received permission to build 354 new homes for private sale, as well as 67 new affordable homes.