Bloor Homes supports young readers in 'Look for a Book' event in Heald Green

Children across Heald Green will be encouraged to develop their love of reading over the summer holidays, thanks to a ‘Look for a Book’ event.

Housebuilder Bloor Homes, which is building locally at its Foxcote development in Heald Green, has donated £500 to the project. That amount has purchased 500 books which will be hidden throughout the first week of August (1st-7th).

Young readers in the area will be delighted to search for their new favourite book, either to keep as a new favourite or hide again after they’ve read it.

Katie Langley, from Bailey Boo’s Books in partnership with Usborne, said: “Reading has never been so important. Our children’s education has been disrupted over the last few years, and according to World Book Day, reading for pleasure is the single biggest factor in children’s future success.

“We want to do everything we can to instil the love of reading in the next generation. By making ‘Look for a Book’ into a fun game, it will give children a sense of pride and ownership when they find a book.

“We’re very grateful to Bloor Homes for donating such a large amount of books for local children. It only takes one book to inspire a child with wonder and creativity, and we’re so glad that Bloor Homes sees the importance of this.

“We hope that many children will find their new favourite read and that we can really bring the community together with this wonderful family fun event.”

Lucy McCabe, Sales Director for Bloor Homes North West, said: “As soon as Katie approached us about the ‘Look for a Book’ event, we knew we wanted to take part in whatever way we could.

“It’s a fantastic initiative for the summer holidays, one that we hope will bring families together and make a lot of children happy.”

Bloor North West is building new homes at its Foxcote development in Heald Green, where the first homes are now on sale and showhomes are set to open in September. For more information on Bloor Homes, visit bloorhomes.com.