Bloor Homes Supports New Dedicated Sensory Room for children at Outwood Primary School

Outwood Primary School would like to thank Bloor Homes for its kind donation towards the cost of their new sensory and learning space.

The headteacher, Jenni Maude said, this will be a therapeutic space with a variety of equipment that will provide children with additional needs, a personalised sensory input, which will help individuals develop and engage their senses. It will also provide a space for play therapy which uses play as a way of helping children understand and express their thoughts and feelings.

Outwood Primary School is acting to ensure its children have the facilities they need through the creation of a dedicated environment in a new, stand-alone unit. Currently one-to-one work with children takes place in the library which then limits its use. “Thanks to donations such as the one from Bloor Homes, we will be able to change that.”

Lucy McCabe, Sales Director at Bloor Homes’ North West region said: “We are really impressed by Outwood Primary School’s plans for the new sensory and learning space, and the commitment of staff to raising funds for this much needed facility for their children. We look forward to seeing it when it is built.”

Outwood Primary School is continuing to raise funds. For more information on how you can help contact the School via its web site: https://www.outwood.stockport.sch.uk/contact

For information about the new homes released for sale at Bloor Homes’ new Foxcote development located just 1 mile from Outwood Primary School, visit bloorhomes.com