Bloor Homes invests in developing own talent

Bloor Homes is focusing on training and development in a bid to develop their own talent.

As the skills shortage within the construction industry continues, Bloor Homes, the largest privately-owned housebuilder in the UK, is focusing on training and development in a bid to develop their own talent.

Recently launching the first phase of its training pathways programme, the company now has almost 90% of its 1200 employees on an individually tailored personal development plan. All sectors of Bloor Homes’ business fall under this investment in its employees, from Sales & Marketing to Construction, Land & Planning to Business Support.  

Each individual will have the opportunity to access training solutions to develop their skills and personal effectiveness in a variety of ways including on-the-job training, classroom-based courses, e-learning and qualifications. 

The company has also led the way with their bricklaying and carpentry apprenticeship schemes by introducing the role of apprentice masters who are solely employed to manage and support apprentice development – both on site and with their NVQ qualification. As well as apprenticeships, the company offers a number of trainee programmes including site management, architecture, engineering and surveying. It is therefore no surprise that a staggering 17% of the company’s workforce fall under one of these training programmes. This alone, is an indicator of the leading role that Bloor Homes has in developing future talent across the housebuilding sector.

Harshika Patel, L&D Consultant at Bloor Homes, comments, “Training and development is a key factor in our commitment to our employees. “With the industry facing a skills shortage, we recognise the importance of developing our own talent and help our employees realise their true potential.”

Bloor Homes has made a huge investment in its staff in recent years, which will continue.  With teams in a wide variety of locations across the UK, both on construction sites and within offices, one of the key factors of its continued growth and success is its commitment to working with and investing in its employees.