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Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

J.S. Bloor (Services) Limited (“Bloor Services”) is responsible for the provision of labour, procurement of materials and home design services to a fellow Group Company Bloor Homes Limited (“Bloor Homes”).

Bloor Homes is a developer of new housing and the activities of Bloor Services is therefore aligned to that of Bloor Homes.

Bloor Services and Bloor Homes are committed to the principles of equal pay for all our employees.

We value our employees and promote an inclusive and diverse work force.

Under new legislation that came into force in April 2017, UK employers with more than 250 employees are required to publish annually their gender pay gap information. The gender pay gap shows the difference in average hourly pay between women and men.

It is different to equal pay, which relates to what women and men are paid for the same or similar jobs or work of equal value.

The data below shows our mean and median hourly gender pay gap and bonus gap as at the snapshot date (i.e. 5 April 2020 (pay) and in the 12 month reference period to 5 April 2020 (bonus)). At that time, we employed 73 women and 179 men.

Statutory Data

Mean and median pay and bonus:

  Mean  Median 
                Gender Pay Gap (%)  45.49 48.72
                Bonus Pay Gap (%) -1.1 -147.61

Proportion of employees receiving a bonus (%):

                Men    100
                Women   100

Proportion of employees in each pay quartile (%):

                Quartile    Men  Women 
                Upper 95
                Upper Middle  85 15 
                Lower Middle 71 29 
                Lower 33  67 

We are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business. Our gender pay gap is a result of the demographic in the construction industry, with 70% of our workforce being men.

There are fewer women across the whole business and there are also fewer women in senior management positions which is the major factor in our gender pay gap. However, our gender-pay gap has reduced significantly from 2018 as a result of more women being promoted and joining the business in higher paid roles

In calculating the bonus gap, we are required to include commission payments as well as one off or regular bonuses.

Our bonus gap is reflective of there being more women than men in sales roles where commission payments make up a larger part of remuneration.

Please note: Data included within this report has been influenced by the effects of COVID-19 and furlough.

Declaration: I confirm that the information and data provided in this report is accurate and in line with the UK Government’s Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Din Mehta