28-day Exchange Checklist

This simple checklist makes it easier than ever for you to make the move to a Bloor home.

Day 1

Reserve your new home.

Day 2

Our independent Financial Advisor submits full mortgage application (this is subject to receiving all of the necessary documentation). Please note: This is the stage when a valuation fee will be required from you.

By Day 3

Supporting documents sent to mortgage lender for assessment. Please note: The assessment of these documents can take anywhere between 2 & 10 working days. Receive quote from recommended solicitors.

By Day 4/5

Return completed instruction form to solicitors and pay search fees (via next day recorded delivery).

By Day 8/9

Receive contract from solicitor for signature.

By Day 12/13

Mortgage lender confirms the application is successful subject to the valuation. At this stage the valuation will be instructed and a suitable date will be booked with the Bloor Homes sales office. Return signed contract to solicitor (via next day recorded delivery).

By Day 18

Valuation report received by the lender. Subject to this being acceptable, the mortgage offer will be produced with 48/72 hours.

By Day 21

Mortgage offer posted to clients and all solicitors.

By Day 24

Receive mortgage deed from solicitor. Receive mortgage offer from lender.

By Day 26

Upon receipt of mortgage offer your solicitor will contact you to make arrangements for you to send the necessary deposit monies in order to exchange. Return signed mortgage deed to solicitor (via next day recorded delivery). 

By Day 28

Exchange of Contracts is now due and you will either be informed of a fixed completion date or this will be on notice as build is not yet finished.

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