New technical boss takes the reins at Bloor Homes

Bloor Homes has appointed a new man to head up our technical team across the company.

01/03/2017 - Careers

Steve MacPherson, 42, takes on the role of Group Development and Technical Director after 10 years in our Western region.

Steve, who spent a decade in local government before moving into the housebuilding industry, will have responsibility for the efficient delivery of new sites across the country.

He will lead a 50-strong technical department at the Measham head office as well as supporting the technical teams at each of the company's seven regions.

Originally from Tewkesbury, where he still lives, Steve worked in the planning departments for a number of local authorities, including Gloucester City Council where he was head of Development Management.

It was here, after working on a regeneration project involving Bloor, that he was asked to join our Western region.

After a stint in the land and planning department, he was appointed strategic land director in 2010 and then design and technical director two years later.

Commenting on his new position, the married father of two said: “This is a big change for me and one I’m looking forward to immensely. I will be working in new parts of the country assisting each of the seven regions to ensure developments are delivered as quickly as possible.

“The planning system remains a huge challenge and I hope to bring the skills and experience I have built up over the years to increase efficiency and minimise the time between getting outline consent and starting work on site.

“I’ve helped deliver a number of successful projects, both in local government and with Bloor Homes, and I hope this experience will prove valuable in my new role.”

A keen sportsman who formerly enjoyed playing football, cricket, and cycling, and who completed the 2015 Ironman UK triathlon, Steve believes that joining a privately-owned housebuilder turned out to be a very wise career move.

He said: “About 12 months after I joined Bloor, the housing market was hit by the recession and most of the housebuilders contracted in size. Had I joined a Plc I’m not sure I would have lasted very long.

“Thankfully, Bloor saw the value that I was adding and employed me through that time. As a privately-owned business we have the ability to do things differently and that’s what makes it such an exciting and rewarding company to work for.”