Superfast broadband a must for property seekers

Access to superfast broadband is among the most important factors for people looking to buy a house.

17/05/2016 - Homeowner Advice

Our research shows that increasing numbers of buyers are identifying broadband connectivity as a priority when searching for a new property.

A recent survey for price comparison website Go Compare found that 70 per cent of home buyers ranked broadband as a must have, putting it in fourth place on the list of priorities, ahead of parking, a garden, and shops and amenities.

And we have noticed more and more people are enquiring about broadband when visiting their developments.

Gary Crisp, our Regional Chairman, said: “Demand for fast and reliable broadband has grown considerably over the last few years, as people have become increasingly reliant on the internet in their everyday lives.

“As a result, broadband connectivity is now near the top of the average buyer’s checklist alongside other more traditional considerations such as the local schools, shops and services, and transport links.

“We are therefore planning to provide superfast broadband across our new developments, to ensure that our customers enjoy fast and reliable internet access in addition to all the other benefits of living in a modern, energy-efficient home.

“Residents at many of our developments are already benefiting from superfast broadband, despite sometimes living in a rural location which has traditionally suffered from slow internet speeds.

“The roll-out of superfast broadband to other new sites will enable buyers to enjoy the twin benefits of living in a beautiful location while still remaining connected to the outside world.”