Customer care is a top priority for homebuyers

A recent survey has revealed that ongoing customer care is one of the most vital factors for people looking to buy a new house.

20/05/2016 - General

Our research has shown that more than 70 per cent of homebuyers identify post-completion customer care as important to them when searching for a new property.

And as schemes such as Help to Buy have enabled more people to step onto the property ladder and pick from a wider variety of developments, buyers are increasingly choosing to buy from a builder that they identify as offering the best ongoing care to their buyers.

Gary Crisp, our Regional Chairman, said: “Customer service is very important to all of us, and never more so than when making such a life-changing purchase as a house.

“And the expectation for great customer care doesn’t stop when we’ve sold a house to a purchaser, it’s also vital that we offer a fantastic service post-completion too, to ensure that our buyers are settling into their new home with as few issues as possible.

“Our sales teams are trained to the very highest standards in customer care, but that service also extends to all of us at Bloor – from the team onsite to the staff at head office. We pride ourselves on the care we offer buyers.

“We often encourage potential buyers to talk to those who have already moved in at our developments, so they can have an honest conversation about the standard of care we offer, and that can be the clincher for those looking for a builder they can trust.”