New construction director welcomed at Bloor Homes Western

A new construction director has been appointed at Bloor Homes’ Western division.

08/03/2016 - Careers

Jason Arnold, who has been with Bloor Homes since 2008, is working alongside previous construction director and now strategic director Mark Shipley, during a handover period which will end later this year.

In his new role, Jason will be spearheading the western region construction team from the regional office in Tewkesbury, and will oversee the duties of the two current contracts managers, the role Jason himself has just been promoted from.

Jason, 50, said: “I’m clearly delighted with the promotion I have managed to achieve here at Bloor Homes, a company I am now very familiar with and love working for.  Being able to work alongside my predecessor Mark Shipley has really helped me settle into this new role, and I would like to sincerely thank him for all he has done for me.  Now I have taken this step up the ladder, my job will be to drive the team forward to ensure we continue to achieve the high standards we set for ourselves here at Bloor.”

Jason had two previous stints with other housebuilders before making the switch to Bloor Homes in 2008 when he was offered a contracts manager role at the company.  He is also very proud of his regional heritage, having always lived in the areas surrounding The Cotswolds, and favours the outdoor activities in life, keen on sports including fishing in his spare time.

Jason added: “We are currently in the process of recruiting a third contracts manager in our department, which will further strengthen our position in the housebuilding industry.”