Construction Director celebrates 25 years with Bloor Homes

A construction director at Bloor Homes has celebrated his 25th anniversary with the company.

02/02/2016 - Careers

Jon King, 43, who is based at Bloor Homes Midlands in Tamworth, was one of five employees from across the country to be inducted into the Silver Club at a celebratory dinner hosted by John Bloor.

Jon began his Bloor career in the engineering and design office at Measham headquarters in Leicestershire, before becoming a trainee site manager.

After seven years as a site manager in the West Midlands, Jon was promoted to construction director for the North West region where he spent the last 14 years before returning to the Midlands to take up his current position last summer.

As construction director for the Midlands region, Jon is responsible for developments in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Warwickshire.

Jon, a father of two who lives in Derbyshire, said: “Bloor Homes is a fantastic company to work for and I have never thought once about leaving or working for anyone else. At Bloor’s you are treated as an individual rather than just a title, your views count and you are listened to which makes you care more about the company and region you work for. Working for Bloor Homes is much more than just a job, you feel part of it! I have a passion for building houses, it’s in my blood and I take great pride in ensuring what we do and build is of the highest quality possible. With Bloor you are given an amount of independence to put your own stamp on things which is extremely rewarding and makes the business more personal to you.  Although my role is now much more strategic and I don’t spend as much time out on site as I used to, I still make it my business to know exactly what’s happening on each of the sites and try to visit each of them as often as I possibly can.”

Jon, who was presented with a watch in recognition of his loyal service to the company, added: “It was a lovely gift to receive and it’s wonderful to know the company is appreciative of your efforts and commitment. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my 25 years with Bloor and I’ve got no intention of moving anywhere else.”