Buying new is a boost to your local community

House buyers who opt for new build are providing a boost to their local community.

05/01/2016 - General

House-hunters are increasingly turning to new build away from period properties due to lower energy bills, superior build quality and lower maintenance costs.

But what many don’t realise is that by deciding to buy new, they are indirectly making a significant investment in their local community.

Research from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has revealed that housebuilders contribute an annual £576 million towards community facilities, including £225 million towards education facilities – enough to fund 52,000 in classroom places.

The figures also reveal that new developments provide £72.6 million towards open space, and plant an estimated 6.5 million trees and shrubs.

In addition, new developments generate a £3.8 billion spend in local shops and services, while an average of 4.3 new jobs are created for every home built.

“While purchasers increasingly cite lower energy bills and lower maintenance costs as reasons for buying new, the wider social and economic benefits of new build homes are easily overlooked”, said Gary Crisp, our Regional Chairman.

“Although the delivery of much-needed quality new housing is a major social benefit in itself, housing developments are not just about bricks and mortar. At Bloor we pride ourselves on building attractive and well-integrated communities, and at most of our developments we create green open spaces, providing great opportunities for recreation and physical activity, with all the positive health benefits this brings.

“The financial contributions we provide through our new developments pay for leisure and recreational facilities, improvements to roads and public transport, and extra school and GP surgery places, which benefit not only our customers but the wider community as a whole.

“Aside from developer contributions, planners are increasingly recognising the indirect economic boost that new homes give to communities, with increased customer spending in local shops and businesses helping to support the vitality of town and village centres, not to mention the creation of jobs for local people.

“All of these factors combined mean that buyers who opt for new build are not only investing in a new home, but also investing in their local community.”