Pupils look to past, present and future with time capsule at Bloor’s Wildmore development

Local school children have created their own piece of history at a Bloor Homes site in Worcester.

25/08/2016 - General

Pupils from Whittington Primary School were invited by the developer to choose a variety of objects which sum up their local area to them. Among the items created were paintings and small weavings showing the students’ surroundings.

The items were buried in a time capsule at the developer’s Wildmore site.

Sally Holt, Regional Sales Manager for Bloor Western, said: “Time capsules are a great way for schoolchildren to leave a lasting legacy from their time as pupils and provide future generations with the exciting prospect of unveiling the items left behind.

“We wanted the pupils to choose objects which encapsulate the character of their local area, and we’ve been really impressed by the choices they made.

“They came up with some really good ideas which will surely be both interesting and informative to future generations.”

Pupils at Whittington Primary School were challenged to find items that represented what makes their area special, to allow future generations to witness and re-live them once the capsule is unearthed.

Gary Richards, headteacher at Whittington Primary School, said: “This competition really allowed our pupils to investigate local life, and find what made their area special to them, with some great results.

“They were all very enthusiastic about burying the time capsule, and the prospect of uncovering it at some point in the future.”

Whittington Primary School is a short walk from Bloor Homes’ Wildmore development, where the time capsule was buried.

For more information about the homes available at Wildmore, call 01905 887135 or visit www.bloorhomes.com.