Couple’s search for dream home bears fruit at The Orchard

A downsizing couple have found their ideal home in the shape of a brand new bungalow at a Bloor Homes development in Stoke Orchard, near Cheltenham.

24/02/2017 - General

Margaret and Roy Dakin purchased a two-bedroom home at The Orchard development after deciding to relocate from their three-bedroom semi-detached house four miles down the road in Tewkesbury.

Such is the demand for the new bungalows at the development, the retired couple reserved the property off-plan and are to due to get the keys to their new home in April.

They said the fact the bungalow boasts a garage and spacious garden for their beloved rescue greyhound Millie to enjoy were key factors in their decision to buy the property.

Margaret, 63, said: “Our previous property had a very small garden so the opportunity to get a spacious garden in a brand new bungalow was a big positive for us. Having our own garage was another significant factor when making the decision. 

“Even though we are downsizing, the bungalow is a nice size, offers a very warm atmosphere, and because it is a new build, it is cost effective to run and heat, which is extremely important when you are retired.”

To make the buying process as easy and hassle-free as possible, Margaret and Roy took advantage of Bloor’s Assisted Purchase Scheme.

Under the scheme, Bloor arranges for two local estate agents to value the buyer’s existing property and provides them with a suggested asking price. Bloor then holds their chosen plot for up to four weeks and covers the buyer’s estate agents fees as long as their current home sells within that timeframe.

Margaret added: “Using the Assisted Purchase Scheme was a real benefit to us as and the Bloor team was brilliant all the way through the process. Their customer service skills are fantastic, all the staff were very polite, helpful and good in keeping us up to date with everything concerning our purchase.”

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