Kittens make for a purr-fect surprise at housing development

An assistant site manager had a big shock when he found a litter of kittens, which had no doubt used up some of their nine lives by settling in the engine of a piling machine.

02/09/2016 - General

The four kittens were rescued unharmed from the machinery, which had been transported from Scotland just the day before to complete vital ground works at the Baltic Wharf development in Totnes. 

Three of the kittens were found by Ivor Coombes at the beginning of the day, and the last was found hours later after Ivor heard another noise coming from the engine. 

Ivor spoke of his disbelief when he found the kittens. He said: “It was a fairly routine morning when we started to inspect the new machinery. I heard a faint noise coming from inside the piling machine and decided to go and investigate.

“I never in my wildest dreams expected to see kittens, especially in the engine of such a noisy machine. 

Piling machines are very powerful drills so the poor kittens must have been terrified. That, coupled with the long trip they’ve made, made us all very anxious about their health.” 

The lucky kittens were taken to the vets, who judged them to be three to four weeks old, and staff from the RSPCA then arrived to pick the healthy animals up and take them to the Little Valley Animal Shelter in Exeter where they will be hand-reared for the next few weeks. 

Rachel Sirdefield, deputy shelter manager of RSPCA Little-Valley Shelter, said: “When we received the kittens they were all covered in oil and looking very scared and malnourished.

“Members of staff had to foster them for a period of time and because of the condition they were found in, we had to bottle-feed them before they could digest solid food

“Thankfully they’ve all managed to make the transition over to solid food now and have made a great recovery. 

“The kittens are adorable and we are now looking to rehome them into a caring family. They have had quite an adventure so far and would make a great addition to any household.”

Images: One of the kittens when it was first bought to the shelter and the healthy kittens now.