Enjoy big savings on energy bills with Bloor Homes

Families in Biggleswage could enjoy savings of more than £500 a year in lower energy bills according to award-winning housebuilder, Bloor Homes.

30/01/2017 - General

Indeed, with many households trying to reduce expenditure following the festive season, Bloor Homes is encouraging potential purchasers to consider the advantages of buying a new build home at its nearby St Andrews development in Biggleswade, which the housebuilder says could save them up to 40% on their heating costs. 

The savings were calculated by comparing the average energy usage of a second hand property to that of Bloor Homes’ high specification new build designs, with recent estimates from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) that to upgrade an older property to the same new build standards could cost up to £45,000*. 

Vanessa Macnee, Sales Director for Bloor Homes comments: “All of our homes are designed using new build techniques and the latest technology, which helps our customers to slash their energy bills. You could save hundreds of pounds compared to living in an older property whilst also benefiting from a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and lower levels of maintenance, which means greater peace of mind.”

Further figures from the HBF suggest that new homes built today are 65 per cent more energy efficient than a Victorian house of the same style, 50 per cent cheaper to run and use 30 per cent less water**.

Daniel Moore, a Bloor Homes customer who recognises the benefits of living in a new build home explains: “I’ve always preferred new build properties and purchasing a new home actually saves you money because it’s much more energy efficient, with better insulation and eco-friendly appliances.”

All Bloor homes feature the latest energy efficient boilers for heating and hot water, excellent wall and loft insulation to reduce heat loss and double glazed windows and doors. Constructed with the highest quality materials, the new properties also come complete with a 10 year warranty as standard.

* Why Buy New factsheets, HBF, available at: http://www.hbf.co.uk/fileadmin/documents/members/FactSheets/HBF_Fact_sheets_web.pdf 
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