Yoga teacher Michele bends over backwards to move into a Bloor home

19/04/2016 - General

Michele, 52, said: "Moving to Silsoe has been a dream for me, as the area is in a perfect position for my commute to Potters Bar where I work, and the quality of the design and build of the homes here is fantastic.

"Before coming to Silsoe Grange, I lived in a similar sized property much closer to the capital, so I was more than pleasantly surprised when I found out I could own a brand new Bloor home which is the same size, for less than half the price of my old house.

"My four-bedroom Shenstone has more than enough room, and aside from the obvious fact it is a new-build, it is finished to a pristine standard and is built to a high-specification which I just haven't found elsewhere. You really do get more for your money with a Bloor home."

A mother to two sons, Michele works as a self-employed health and fitness professional in a Potters Bar clinic, primarily focusing on core power yoga, where she draws inspiration from the pretty Bedfordshire village of Silsoe.

Michele added: "One of the things that drew me towards Silsoe is the rural aspect of the village which enhances the peace and tranquillity of the area, something which I teach in my yoga classes.

"In my home at Silsoe Grange, there is a great amount of natural daylight which enters every room, which is not only a huge positive for the house but again lends itself to yoga connotations, so perhaps subconsciously I was drawn to this home for those reasons."