Visiting Bloor Homes St Oswalds Manor best thing I've ever done


The 40-year-old mum of two now describes walking into the showhome as “the best thing I’ve ever done” after purchasing it with her husband Dave.

And it’s proving a perfect home for the couple and their two children Amber, 10 and Noah, 6.

Becky was initially sceptical about buying another new home as she wanted something with character, but her doubts melted away after setting foot inside the five-bedroom detached showhome.

She said: “We were driving past St Oswalds Manor when Dave persuaded me to have a look inside, though I was still adamant we wouldn’t buy new.

“I wanted a change from new build houses and was convinced that buying a second-hand property would be a better option, but when I walked into the showhome I just fell in love with it there and then.

“What clinched it for me was that the house didn’t need any extra work like a second-hand home would, and with it being a showhome it had all the furnishings and appliances already in place.

“That all helped speed up the buying process and within one month of viewing the house we had moved in. It was the easiest move we have ever made. 

“Bloor were brilliant, not just for the ease of the move, but also because the quality of the home was excellent”

“Looking inside this house turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Becky said that the property almost instantly felt like home. 

“I particularly love the kitchen area which is all open-plan and acts as our family room. We can all be in there at the same time and that’s exactly what we wanted from our new home,” she said. 

“It’s also great because there’s so much on our doorstep. We’re on the edge of the Peak District, Ashbourne is a lovely town and there are a lot of activities close by for the children to take part in and enjoy.”