Bloor Homes opens the door to Karen's ideal move

The spiralling cost of repairing and maintaining her old property persuaded Karen Wilton it was time to buy new.

02/02/2017 - General

The mother of two found her dream home at Bloor Homes’ Earl’s Garden development in the charming Essex village of Sible Hedingham.
Karen has purchased a new four-bedroom detached house at the development, which is located off Swan Street.
She had lived in her previous homes, a four-bedroom property in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, for the past 19 years, and finally became fed up at seeing her money being swallowed up by repair and maintenance costs.
With her eldest daughter having flown the nest, and her son living at university, Karen wanted a more rural retreat where both children could live if they needed to.
And Earl’s Garden ticked all the boxes.
Karen, an account manager for Ashbury Labelling in Welwyn Garden City, fell in love with the site’s show home, especially the attention to detail in Bloor Homes’ décor choice and doors.
She said: “The show home’s high build quality was what persuaded me to buy at Earls Garden. I thought the interior doors and quality of the décor was of such high standard that I just wanted the same house for me.
“I couldn’t fault Bloor’s service, they were very friendly and I struck up a good relationship with the staff.
“The move was long overdue. In my 19 years at my old home I had spent a lot of money on repairs and renovations, yet I still didn’t have the home the way I wanted it. That’s the joy of buying new; I got my choice of carpets and everything is just the way I like it.
“Space was key for me and I feel that I got a lot of room for my money. When the children come home to visit they know they can come to a home where they feel comfortable.”