Bloor Homes appointed its first female trainee site manager

A new trainee site manager has been appointed at Bloor Homes’ Southern division.

01/10/2017 - Careers

Samantha Lees, 21, has taken on the role and is currently based at the Laurel Grove development in Fareham.

Having previously worked as a care assistant, Samantha was always passionate about following the steps of her father who also works in the building industry.

Samantha, said: “I am very new to the building industry as I come from a completely different backround but I think the skills I have already developed will help me in my new career choice."

“It makes me proud to follow the steps of my father who runs his own bricklaying company and has taught me a huge amount about the business and the industry as a whole."

“I have a clear vision of how I would like to progress with my career and develop my knowledge. My ambitions are to climb the ladder and one day become a Site Manager."

“Bloor is a very open, friendly and prestigious company with a strong team ethos and I am delighted to have joined. My experience so far has been nothing but fantastic, every day I learn something new and already feel like an integrated part of the team."

Samantha Lees, who enjoys adventurous skydiving experiences in her free time, says she is looking forward to a long and successful career with Bloor Homes.