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Without this department, we’d have nothing to build – and nowhere to build it. Finding and buying new land for our developments is a vital – and complex – job, which we depend on absolutely. A key ‘Bloor Difference’ is in choosing the locations we build in – places where we’d like to live, where our investment is likely to be secure, and where we can do justice to the beautiful home designs we build.

It’s a strategic role, playing a key part in our plans for the future and ensuring our continued success. We need the very best people – like you.


There’s a real art to identifying perfect sites we know our customers will love. The team knows that not just any old piece of land will do. It needs to be in the right position, offering the right kind of amenities. Then it needs to be purchased and taken through the complex planning process until its ready for development.


The kind of jobs we have in Land & Planning:

  • Planning Director
  • Land Director
  • Planning Manager
  • Land Manager
  • Land Buyer
  • Development Planner
  • Graduate Planner

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You are given a good amount of responsibility here and I have been able to run with my own projects. It’s very encouraging to have a strong network behind me and have the support from my Directors. 

Bloor Homes recruit a lot of trainees and students so it is really motivating that the company invests in it's people and their careers.  Bloor Homes have a good reputation with a much more personal approach, prompt decision making and attention to detail which is important for success. 

Emily Hale, Development Planner

The help and support I have received from management and my team in terms of my career progression is what I've loved most about working here. There has been a genuine interest in my career goals and I have received the support I need to progress. 

I have attended training which has helped me support the team, impart my knowledge and has given me the skills to help me with my own work.

Kelly Williams, Technical Assistant & Land Secretary